Nutri-relaxing modelling

Camphor Sacha inchi oil rich in omega 3 and Vitamin F, rich in omega 6 Bisabolol. Oily extract of arnica

  • Description

    Cosmetic modelling inspired by Deep Tissue (Sothys method and Deep Touch of TIP TOUCH INTERNATIONAL), specially designed for absolute comfort and relaxation combining deep smoothing and pressure, with drumming motions along areas of tension, this modelling helps relieve strain (due to exercise, stress, bad posture), stimulate and tone.

  • Scent

    • Fragrance free: Camphor, Cypress essential oil and Mandarin essential oil that perfume the product

  • Benefits

    + Athletes (experienced/amateur) : To tone and comfort the skin before or after exercise.
    + Non-athletes : To bring suppleness and tone to the skin.Treatment advantages: After one session, you will feel deeply and immediately relaxed, with a feeling of absolute serenity that lasts for several days.

    Ideal before or after exercise, in addition to a slimming programme, to relieve stress-related tension, after a long trip, before an important day, and so on.

Duration : 1h or 1h15 Treatment for : Nature : Dry Skin type : - All skin types