Redness rebalancing ampoules

Cosmetic treatment with a targeted action to gradually reduce the appearance of redness and sensations of overheating caused by a dermo-aesthetic procedure.

  • Active ingredients

    Extract of Boldo

    Also called Chilli mint, to help maintain the skin microbiome, essential for skin balance.

    Extract of phragmites and poria cocos

    Helps limit the appearance of redness

    VEGF booster

    For a reduction in redness postsurgery.

  • Use

    Morning and evening, apply to the parts of the face and body that present redness. Follow with the suitable cream.

  • Scents


  • Benefits

    Your skin is gradually soothed, redness is reduced, the skin’s balance is restored.

    High tolerance hypoallergenic formulas

Product for : Skin type - All skin types