Meridian Spa & Fitness


It's in a unique atmosphere that the 8 Meridian Spa & Fitness centers in Hamburg, Berlin, Kiel and Frankfurt offer the best of Fitness and Wellness to over 37,000 members and many visitors. Since 1984, the company founded in Hamburg has one goal: to offer its customers a place where they can free themselves from daily stress and draw new energy. A diverse offering of fitness equipment and a large programme of course allow everyone to personalize their experience. The spacious wellness area, with several saunas, swimming pools and several outdoor facilities, guarantees a pure moment of relaxation. The Day spa Face and Body completes this offer through treatments, massages and Ayurvedic techniques. The overall concept of Meridian Spas is aimed at both athletes and citizens of all ages in search of well-being.

Wandsbeker Zollstraße 87-89 - 22041 Hambourg - Germany