Nagari Health & Spa


Nagari Health & Spa is a sanctuary of health and beauty in the heart of Vigo, spanning two floors all given over to the serenity, harmony and well-being of the body and mind. In this magical location, you will find a Skyline air-conditioned pool facing the sea, a personal training centre, rooms for personalized treatments and a sensorial and stimulating bath known as “La Siesté”. Get ready for an intense journey through different cultures and therapies, from Indian Ayurveda, the secret formula of Japanese Shiatsu, the energy of Chinese Bamboo Stems or the wonderful sensation of Aromatic Bags from Indonesia. Nagari Health & Spa offers a vast array of treatments and formulas which are available all year round.

PLAZA COMPOSTELA 21. - 36201 Vigo, Ponteverda - Spain