Signature slimming treatment

Polyphenol cocktail – Slimming Intelligent ultrasound-like cosmetic complex

  • Description

    A comprehensive slimming treatment to reduce the appearance of all types of cellulite. Precisely tailored to each client, this treatment starts by an incredible slimming peeling/wrap to smooth the skin, followed by the customized body serums and an exclusive slimness modelling. A highly effective treatment !

  • Benefits

    The figure is redefined. Up to one size smaller after 10 sessions*!

    *One size = a belt size = 2,6 cm Average measurements on 5 people. Average of all 14 participants: loss of 1.7 cm after 10 sessions of Signature slimming treatment, with 2 sessions per week.

Duration : 1h15min Treatment for : Nature : Wet Skin type : - All skin types